Doctorate Degree Online No Dissertation, Is It Possible?

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Doctorate Degree Online No Dissertation

Sometimes we have to spend a lot of money, emotional energy and others just to complete a dissertation. Not infrequently many who cry blood to finish the final task. To get a doctorate (PhD), one of the most common conditions is to complete academic writing, commonly referred to as a dissertation. Now, because now the era is different, is it possible for us to get a doctorate degree online no dissertation? Let’s find the answer bellow!

Now, there are a lot of the world’s most innovative virtual universities that offer lectures online without having to come to class. Now students from any country can study online. Even it’s not only for the bachelor degree, but also many are available for master’s and doctoral degrees. In fact there are many, for example, doctors who offer PhD completion without completing a dissertation. Surely, it will make people to be interested to join this program.

Do all doctorates require a dissertation?

Actually so far there have been many doctoral majors that do not require fulfilling a dissertation. Especially now that it can be done online, of course it will be very possible if the dissertation does not have to submit the final task in the form of the thesis or dissertation. But perhaps the question is how to find a doctoral program like that.

The Suggested Fields of Doctorate Degree Online No Dissertation

If you are a prospective PhD who is interested in joining the program, then it will be highly recommended that you be able to search for any file of study that is possible to do online and not required dissertation? Now there are a number of online no dissertation doctorate degrees that have been well-known and offer many programs without dissertations, some of which are as follows:

  1. A PhD in law degree
  2. A PhD in international education
  3. A PhD in nursing
  4. A PhD in psychologist
  5. A PhD in therapist
  6. A PhD in management


So, what is the substitute for the dissemination?

If indeed it does not require making a dissertation, then what is the task that must be done as a replacement? Actually, besides a dissertation, there is usually a substitute assignment commonly referred to as Doctoral Capstone. What is that? The doctoral project must be finished by the student of PhD. Why should there be such a task? Yes, the reason is because all doctoral students must improve their skills in the workplace and community.

Universities that Offer Doctorate Program Online Without Dissertation

Then the next important question is about which campuses or universities offer an online degree of doctorate without a dissertation? There are now many campuses that offer it, some of which are as follows:

  1. Capela University (
  2. University of Western States
  3. Indiana State University
  4. East Tennessee University
  5. University of Southern Mississippi
  6. Morehead State University
  7. Nebraska Methodist College
  8. Johns Hopkins University
  9. Northcentral University Online


Are your ready to get PhD doctorate degree online no dissertation? If so, that make sure for checking first which one of  best and accredited university that will be suitable for you to choose, make sure also to check the other requirement and event about the cost must be paid.

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